Goal Setting

Goal setting is something I was introduced to a few years back by a close family friend! Ever since I attended one of his seminars on living passionately, I was so determined to start setting and achieving my goals. I think it’s so important to have goals. This quote says it all, “Goals are what take us forward in life; they are the oxygen to our dreams”. It is very important that you realise the significance and importance of goal-setting and apply this knowledge in your life. Goals give me long-term vision and short-term motivation. For me, goals help me organise my time and resources so that I can get the most out of my life.

I often get asked “how have you achieved/done so much in your short life?”. Now I’m not writing about this to brag about my accomplishments and experiences, but more to share with you guys on how I stay so focused on working towards and achieving my goals. And you’ll be surprised that it’s something so simple. Writing them down of course. Every goal I have is written down on paper. I write them down in a book called ‘101 Dreams Journal’ which I believe is available at Kikki K. But you most definitely do not need a fancy book to write all your goals down (it’s just more helpful in terms or organising your goals). I used to write goals on sticky notes and would disperse them all over my room. I also remember writing goals down in my school books. I would now love to share with you some of the goals that I always set for myself every year. These are the goals that never go away and always need to be worked towards:

1.) Be spontaneous – you can never be too spontaneous. I used to be so hesitant when it came to social outings or stepping outside my comfort zone, but now I just life such a spontaneous life and I think it’s had such a positive impact on my life thus far.

2.) Be kind – I try my best to be kind and see the good in everyone, which from time to time can be really hard when people say or do nasty things. We don’t know what everyone is battling in their lives which is why you have to try to be kind to everyone. “A smile can hide a thousand words”.

3.) Self love – one of the hardest things for me and I think a large majority of people is trying to develop self-love. I’ve slowly realised that if we don’t love ourselves, it will be even hard to find love or experience love from others. We won’t truly be able to love others until we love ourselves first.

Here are some reasons why I believe setting goals is so important!

  • Goals can help me take control of life. I find myself ‘sleepwalking’ through live sometimes. What I mean by that is that I’m working hard but not getting where I want to be. Goals can help you break out of that zombie mode.
  • Goals give me focus and push me in the right direction and helps me decide on what to focus my time and energy on.
  • Goals motivate me. There is no better feeling than ticking a goal off my list. My goals can help remind me of the things I love and move my focus away from the negatives in life.

I encourage all of you to start setting some goals, you’d be very surprised what you can achieve. You can start with something simple as a vision board or write them down like I suggested in this blog. The world is your oyster my friends. There are millions of things you can do and experience in life. There are endless possibilities of what you can accomplish.

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