50 Things That Make Me Happy

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I thought this would be a fun way to spread some happiness! It’s so amazing to step back and see how many different things make you happy. I must admit at first it was hard to list 50 things that make me happy, but once I really started thinking, so many things came to mind!

  1. My family
  2. My dog – she is ALWAYS happy to see me
  3. The smell of clean sheets
  4. Travel – love to travel as much as I can, if the time and funds are available
  5. Movies in bed on a rainy day
  6. Hanging out with my friends – I love just doing simple fun things with friends whether it be shopping, getting food together, going to the movies or just hanging at home
  7. The smell of freshly popped popcorn at the movies
  8. Hugs – nothing beats a warm hug from a friend or family member
  9. My twin sister – we are super close
  10. Organised closet – I HATE it when my clothes/contents of my closet aren’t organised
  11. Romantic comedies
  12. The feeling of a clean face
  13. Spending time alone
  14. Summer rain/storms
  15. Blogging
  16. Music – can’t function without it
  17. My Grandparents – I am so lucky to have the best grandparents in the world that I have so many cherished memories with them.
  18. My cousins – I basically grew up around my cousins I always look up to them being one of the youngest out of the bunch
  19. A clean bedroom
  20. Lady Gaga – she is my everything YASSS Gaga
  21. Roadtrips
  22. Walks on the beach around sunset
  23. Vogue magazine – I’m so in love with fashion
  24. Fashion – i’m not the most stylish person you’ll meet, but I do have an appreciation and love for all types of fashion labels whether it be high fashion or just regular clothing brands
  25. Guacamole
  26. Christmas – who isn’t happy at Christmas?
  27. Watching RuPaul’s Drag Race
  28. Moisturising
  29. Catching Taylor Swift songs
  30. My teddy bear
  31. Giving back – one of the most important things you can do
  32. knowing you’ve made a friend happy
  33. Animals – I just love all animals, except spiders
  34. Sleep – love a good nap
  35. My cousin’s sausage dog frank
  36. Going out for cocktails with friends
  37. Back rubs – even though I’m single and don’t have anyone to give them to me
  38. Disney – anything to do with Disney whether it be the movies or the theme parks
  39. Selfies
  40. Memes
  41. Espresso Martinis
  42. Spontaneous adventures
  43. Watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion – they are so fabulous
  44. Shopping – need to learn some self control when it comes to this …
  45. Coffee
  46. Listening to music in the car
  47. Kris Jenner – obsessed
  48. My mum’s hugs
  49. Cuddles and kisses from my dog
  50. That feeling when you get in bed after a really long day

As overwhelming as life can get at times and you find yourself down or in a bad mood, we need to step back and think of all the positive in our lives. We have so many reasons to be happy! I challenge all of you to try and list 50 things that make YOU happy!

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