Are You Really Who You Portray Online?

Social media consumes us from time to time! Read my blog post about how it can make us portray ourselves in a false way sometimes!

Lets be honest, social media has dominated our lives, or at least we have let it dominate our lives at some point. We are all guilty of being addicted to social media. I even find myself opening Instagram and Snapchat more times than I can count in a single day. I often look at all the different Snapchat stories and Instagram feeds throughout my day, and most of the time I find myself in awe at how cute, hot and beautiful some people are and how perfect their lives are … or at least how they seem. I’m sure you have all heard the quote, “we only see peoples highlights, not their behind the scenes”. I think it definitely rings true to social media. We don’t want people to think we live lame lives, thus we often don’t document social outings unless they are at cool or trendy places or with the company of certain people, and we definitely do not post unflattering photos of ourselves (total social suicide). It’s like when your friend tags you in that one picture where they look perfect and you look like a foot … DELETE IT! Or when you go on a tinder date, and they look completely different to their photos? Slightly awkward right? Okay super awkward! This is a direct result of portraying a fabricated self on social media.We have all been there!

So the question we have to ask ourselves is: Are we really presenting who we are or are we presenting an idealistic version of ourselves? It seems that social media tends to create a false sense of self through the use of likes, fans, comments, posts, etc. For many of us social media users, we use it as an esteem booster. Don’t act like you don’t get super excited when your crush likes your selfie, or when your Facebook status gets a bulk amount of likes. This example can definitely support as to why so many people spend so much time on social media. It provides many individuals (including myself) a false sense of self or even worse, inflate their ego.

I can 100% admit to portraying a slightly idealistic version of myself on social media from time to time. I probably did it to feel good about myself at the time or to impress a certain person. At the time it seemed right, but in reality, I was just creating an unrealistic and inflated version of myself. Lately I have just been staying true to my real self and it has honestly made social media a lot more pleasurable for me. Now when I see those ‘perfect’ Instagram feeds and Snapchat stories, I remind myself not to compare myself to them because in reality, I am comparing myself to a perception of what this person thinks they may be, thus comparing myself to an ideal figure of someone else and not at all a true representation of them (if that makes any sense).

Let’s be honest here, I may not ever get to live the lifestyle some of these people do, but I have my own life and I can do whatever I want with it if I stay authentic and true to myself while following my goals and aspirations. I think everything about our ONLINE life should be reflective of our REAL life. This will further help us live a more genuine life.

Are you really who you portray online?

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