Adele LIVE 2017: ANZ Stadium

Was lucky enough to witness the incomparable vocal stylings of Adele this past weekend in Sydney!

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that Adele has been all over Australia for her most recent tour ‘Adele LIVE’. The Australian leg of the tour has been a whirlwind for Adele. Firstly receiving criticism for a poor choice on venue in Brisbane (The Gabba) and having to start and hour late during her first Sydney show due to public transport errors causing thousands of fans to be late to ANZ Stadium. All issues aside, Adele was simply INCREDIBLE.

This past weekend I hopped on a plane down to Sydney to visit one of my best friends and to attend the Adele show with her. I was not mentally prepared for the amazing show that was to come. I attended the 2nd Sydney show on the 11th of March with my beautiful friend Maria. We were joined by 90,000 other Adele fans. I’m not sure if I will ever get over how amazing her performance was. Right from the moment the stadium lights went off and I heard the first few bars of ‘Hello’ I had chills all over my body. I couldn’t believe I was witnessing someone I have loved for so many years sing right in front of me.

Adele stunned us all in a beautiful couture gown adorned in more than 10,000 Swarovski crystals and while it sure was pleasing to the eye, Adele made sure to tell us all how heavy and hot it was to wear! Even admitting that it probably was not the best choice of dress for the weather that she had encountered on this leg of her tour. Even admitting that before she got on stage she was “shitting herself” and drowning in sweat. It was revealed after the show that she was wheeled to the stage in a stage equipment box so that no one would see her enter. She rolled past an unsuspecting audience while sitting in this black box on wheels “with an iPad” to keep her entertained. This explains the sweat!

She sang a mixture of songs from both her new album and  also fan favourites from past albums. Highlights included hits that got people dancing like ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ and ‘Rumour Has It’ and old fan favourites like ‘Make You Feel My Love’, ‘Chasing Pavements’ and ‘Hometown Glory’. While a lot of beautiful singing took place, she broke the concert up with plenty of audience interaction. I was blown away with how funny she was. She brought me to tears from laughter at several points in the show! Here I was thinking that the majority of my tears would be a result of her powerful lyrics, but a lot came from the banter of the comedic songstress herself, Adele.

Adele would talk about what she had been up to in Australia as well as stories from her personal life. Her audience interaction blew me away, she even wrote a letter that was placed under the seat of one lucky fan, personally thanking them for coming to the concert with a picture of her writing the letter attached. She sang many hits, however my favourite was ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ as the whole crowd stood up and sung along as fireworks launched from the stage. She also launched shirts out of a t-shirt cannon with $20 attached to each so that the those who caught them could go get a drink compliments of Adele. Those interactions definitely made the sold out stadium show feel more intimate. She even sang Happy Birthday to a lucky fan! Adele finished the concert with ‘Someone Like You’ asking everyone to stand up and sing along. As the concert came to end, Adele walked down an aisle of the crowd on her way out thanking fans and even getting quite choked up as she left the floor, which was definitely a tear jerker for me showing how genuinely thankful she was for everyone’s support.

While there were flying t-shirts, confetti drops and fireworks, the thing that blew me away most was her voice. Her vocals are like no one else’s I have ever heard. Seeing everyone sing along to her music made me realise how many hearts she’s touched with her powerful songs and meaningful lyrics. This was the first time Adele has come to Australia and I definitely hope it’s not the last!

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