“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 9

RuPaul’s Drag Race is back for another season! Which queen will take the crown?

Come on Season 9, let’s get SICKENING!

As most of you know, RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of my favourite reality shows on TV. It’s sort of like America’s Next Top Model for drag queens! It’s a fantastic concept if you ask me! After almost a year of no RPDR, it’s so amazing to finally have it back with a bevy of fierce and fabulous competitors! This seasons queens are definitely here to compete!

The first episode started like it would as in any other season! Each of the 13 new queens walked into the ‘WERK’ room for the first time making their all important first impressions. They all served amazing looks one after the other!

Let’s meet the Queens!

The first queen to enter the WERK Room is Peppermint, from New York City!


“Oh my goddddd… heyyyyy!” she says as she walks into the empty room, which as far as first lines go isn’t very impressive when look at past queens who have been the first to enter.

Next up is Valentina from Los Angeles!


We know this, because she says “Hello. It’s me. Valentina.” I’m curious if she will keep up this ‘Latina’ persona throughout the whole season, or if it will drop off.

Next up is Eureka O’ Hara from Tennessee!


“Come on, give it up for the big girl!” she yells as she enters the room. I’m not sure if it’s just her personality, but she comes off as a very opinionated person as she had witty compliment for every queen that walked through the door after her.

Next up is Charlie Hides from Boston/United Kingdom!


” Hi, Hi, Hi. It’s about to get shady up in here!”. At 52, Charlie is the oldest queen to ever appear on Drag Race and describes herself as “rude, crude and socially unacceptable”.

Next to enter is Farrah Moan who hails from Las Vegas!


“So this is what it looks like?” she says as she walks into the room acting a little unimpressed. At first I thought it was Courtney Act from season 6 getting a second chance, but no it was in fact Farrah Moan. I can tell that she is going to serve some major looks coming from Las Vegas, I mean look at that dress or lack of …!

Next to enter is Sasha Velour from Brooklyn, New York!


She walks into the room and continues to scream at her hands like a crazy person. The other queens seemed quite disturbed. But hey, it’s fun and its different. She describes herself as “a visual artist” and how she likes to tell stories through art and drag. It’s safe to say we now know who the wacko of the season is going to be and I am completely in LOVE!

Next up is Alexis Michelle from New York City!


Alexis describes herself as “New York’s premiere Broadway queen”. I’m pretty sure she gave herself that title … She comes off as confident which is great and she is definitely here to compete!

Next to enter is Shea Coulee from Chicago!


“My name is Shea Coulee and I didn’t come to play I came to slay,” she says as she enters. YAY she can rhyme! Let’s see what else she can do. She claims that Chicago drag is “the bomb.com” but I am not that convinced … especially with what she is wearing.

Next up is Trinity Taylor from Orlando, Florida!


“The body is here bitches!”. Trinity describes herself as “the look and feel of real” which is funny considering she is clearly full of silicone. She says she does not like to classify herself as a ‘Pageant Queen’ when that’s exactly what she is … meanwhile Eureka is suffering from a mini heart attack after seeing Trinity because apparently she has beaten her in some pageant so I believe there will be a huge rivalry between the two this season. SHADE

Moving on to the next queen, Kimora Blac from Las Vegas!


can I just say YES BITCH WORK THAT BODY! “Is it just me or is it hot in here?” she says as she struts into the work room! “I love anything see-through,” which is easy to tell. One of the best entrances in my opinion, everything was just right! And yes you read correctly, another Vegas queen, I wonder if she knows Farrah Moan? that would be a yes as she runs over to give her a hug and continues to tell everyone how “Famous” Kimora’s ass is!

Suddenly there’s a high-pitched, squeaky voice coming from the doorway and it’s Jaymes Mansfield of course, holding a puppet that looks exactly like him …


She hails from Milwaukee and describes herself as “a kooky comedy queen who builds puppets” and that she has “more up her sleeves than anyone knows” which, as she’s not wearing any sleeves makes me question that statement …

Then in walks a FREAKING MOUSE that looks like it’s on LSD … Nina Bonina Bonana Fofana Osama Bin Laden Brown … Nina Bonina Brown for short …


as kooky and crazy this is I LOVE IT. It is a completely different type of drag and is something so unique that we haven’t seen on the show before! “I am Nina Bonina Brown and I am back in town to shut it down,” says the hypo energetic mouse. She hails from Georgia and in my opinion could be a big contender for the crown!

Finally the 13th queen enters the room and it is Aja from Brooklyn, New York


“Aja is the number one name in Brooklyn that people are talking about right now,” gushes Sasha Velour, but she neglects to mention exactly WHY she’s being talked about … she looks a little rough around the edges and a tad trashy to me … but that’s just my first impression.

BUT WAIT PLOT TWIST … a 14th queen enters the work room. Ronnie from New Jersey


Straight off the bat all the queens admire how great of a lady Gaga impersonator Ronnie is until they get a closer look. Saying that they gagged is an understatement! Ronnie removes the jewels covering his face to reveal that he is in fact the one and only LADY GAGA! All the queens react to this news in a calm and sensible fashion … NOT EXACTLY, they are screaming and crying and going crazy!

Once the queens finally calm down … RuPaul enters the room and then they go crazy all over again. Screaming, all I hear is screaming.

I think this season is going to be full of amazing looks and runway walks! Each queen just seems so polished and at the top of their game! The competition is going to be fierce! I also cannot wait to see what dramas and rivalries unfold!!! Thanks for reading!!!

“Gentleman start your engines, and may the best woman WIN!”


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