Read about my recent trip down to Melbourne! It was a HOOT!!

Melbourne is absolutely fantastic! If you haven’t been you must go, you are missing out otherwise! I was filled with joy when I arrived in Melbourne as I got to see some really good friends that I hadn’t seen in a while! As you probably know, I did the Disney College Program and to this day, I am still in touch with the fabulous Aussies and Kiwis that I met, and we all got together for the first time in Melbourne! So amazing to see everyone be together again like no time had passed!

What I did not know before going to Melbourne, is that there are two major airports, Tullamarine and Avalon, both serving the city so be mindful when booking which one you choose. What I discovered while I was in Melbourne was that it is a fantastic base for a diverse range of day trip destinations. We decided to take a day trip down the Mornington Peninsula, all the way down to Sorrento! It was such a beautiful drive with so many amazing views to take in! No better feeling than a road-trip with friends!

My time in Melbourne was filled with many different activities! Shopping and eating were the main ones (typical right?). It was a great wintery escape from the warm Gold Coast weather. It was really cool to see all the ‘Winter Fashion’ that people were rugging themselves up in! Was great inspiration for me!

Melbourne at a glance:

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What I like most about Melbourne:
The vibrant café and restaurant scene, the great cultural institutions, THE SHOPPING IS AMAZING and the trams in the city centre (which, by the way are free in the inner city zone, cool right?).


What I don’t like about Melbourne:  They say there are four seasons in a day in Melbourne, and this is probably one of the most striking characteristics of this city. And by comparison with Sydney, the climate is overall colder in Melbourne. And while there is the mighty Yarra flowing through the city, the lack of stunning beaches is really a little bit off-putting (sorry, Melbournians!).


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Must-do’s:  Lose yourself in the laneways in the city centre of Melbourne, discover great street art in Hosier Lane and hit up the Emporium for a well deserved shopping spree.



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What to pack:  Yes, you do need a winter jacket in winter, as well as a beanie and a scarf and warm jumpers (which I did not bring). Also do yourself a favour and bring an umbrella because it can go from clear and sunny to pouring rain in a matter of minutes. Oh and some comfortable shoes as you will be doing A LOT of walking (if you are adventurous like me).


There’s really nothing to complain about when it comes to Melbourne! Melbourne is fabulous and I cannot wait to go back! Special shout-out to my beautiful friend Tayla for letting me come stay with her and help celebrate her birthday!!! Xx