Am I Sleepwalking Through Life?

Sleepwalking through life is a real thing! And I didn’t realise I was doing it until I came across an article about it! Have a look at my blog post, you may be doing it too!

I’m not sure if this happens to anyone else, but when I go away for extended periods of time, I seem to return feeling very lost and very unmotivated, almost like a zombie. Returning back from a holiday or from being overseas for an extended period of time is SO HARD. After being in the USA for 6 months I came home and felt like I didn’t belong and that I had to leave again! But life just seemed to turn into complete shit show. I stopped working out, I lost touch with a lot of friends and I just flatlined. Recently I have read some articles on ‘Sleepwalking in Life’ and I was surprised to find out that It was actually a thing and that I myself may be doing it.

I find myself mistaking life for what it should be. To quote the article I read: “You’re not aware of who you are or how you fit into the big picture of life. You don’t know what your purpose is. You’re likely just reacting to life instead of creating the life you want”

And that is exactly how I feel! While I sometimes have my moments of awakening and realisation, I still find myself getting lost in the daily grind. This article talked about some of the signs of ‘sleepwalking’ which include:

  • You wake up, go to work, eat dinner, watch tv, go to bed
  • You eat without thinking about what you are eating
  • You treat your body like shit
  • You don’t make time for yourself
  • You don’t feel in control of your own life
  • You don’t feel empowered
  • You look at celebrities as role models
  • Your goals are mostly financial and material
  • You feel that stress and unease are just normal parts of everyday life
  • You repeat the same patterns of activities every day without awareness
  • You depend on caffeine, alcohol, or other drugs to cope with your pain
  • You habitually look to buy products to solve your problems
  • You shop because it makes you feel better
  • You frequently gripe or complain about other people or circumstances
  • You do things because you “should” not because you want to
  • You tend to be busy but not productive
  • You are mostly unaware of how your thoughts and emotions affect your life
  • You feel uncomfortable being alone with your own thoughts
  • You endlessly scroll through Facebook or social media without awareness
  • You are convinced that sometime in the future you’ll be happy

So how can I get out of this slump? How can I be aware more times than not during the day and be in a more conscious state of being? This definitely got me thinking and is pushing me towards ‘waking up’ both physically and mentally! What do you do to be in the moment and be your most authentic self that gets the most out of life?


Welcome to my blog, here is where you can read my very first blog! Enjoy!

Hey guys welcome to my blog! I am so excited to finally share this with everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Samuel Rose (I quite often go by Sam) and I am 21 years old! I live on the beautiful Gold Coast which is located in Queensland, Australia! As some of you may or may not know, travel, fashion and lifestyle are just a few of my many, MANY interests! I love to travel and I have been lucky enough to have travelled quite extensively throughout my life thus far. I have even had the opportunity to live in the United States not once but twice.

So why am I here? I have always loved to write so I feel like this could be perfect fit for me with the potential to refine my writing skills! What do I want to achieve? I am hoping it will help me express myself and share my experiences and passions with others! I would also like to build a network and hopefully later down the road build an online portfolio!

What will I be blogging about? My love for fashion, I believe it’s a great way to express ones self and what I love about fashion is that you don’t need to have all the designer brands to be fashionable because there are no rules! Since I work mediocre hours and can’t afford most of the labels, the next best thing to do is just to admire designers and their products and to appreciate all the detail and craftsmanship that goes into all these opulent pieces. I also find it quite incredible that designers are able to keep producing these ‘works of art’ season after season, its incredible what must go through their heads. As an aspiring designer they are definitely people I look up to! As far as lifestyle goes, it is defined as “the way in which a person lives there life” so again, there really are no rules when it comes to that either! I want to share my lifestyle in the most genuine way with others, not just in the aspect of the things I do, but also my experiences and my struggles as well! I want people to be able to relate and also for it to be fun! I believe that if I blog about a lifestyle that is true to myself, it will open the door to connecting with others who live similar lifestyles or face the same adversities as myself.

I want to welcome others thoughts and opinions as well! Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to reach out to me with suggestions for blogs! If I can get at least one person to read my blog regularly, then I’ve done my job right! I would love to see it grow and gain momentum as time goes on! I promise to be honest and passionate to the best of my abilities!

I am currently working on a few other blog posts so stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading!