Day in the Life!

I’m not your typical blogger that has a fabulous lifestyle filled with PR meetings, photoshoots and glamorous events to attend. I’m the other kind of blogger who has quite a simple and normal life. Join me as I go through my tedious daily routine with you!

7:00am – I am NOT a morning person so 7:00am is usually the time I (struggle to) wake up! The first thing I do is pick up my phone and scroll through all my social media and check all my emails. I then walk to the kitchen to make a coffee. This is crucial part of my morning, especially if I want to have a great day! I’m not a huge breakfast person, but if I do have breakfast it will usually be out at a cafe with friends, or a slice of banana bread at home (there’s no in-between).

8:00am – By this time, I am jumping in the shower (I shower EVERY morning). It wakes me up and makes me feel fresh to death! I don’t spend too much time getting ready. It’s simple really. I wash my face, brush my teeth, do my hair and get dressed. I’m usually always rushing out the door because I can never find my car keys! 

9:00am – The day really begins! I’m usually at work by now and on a normal day it’s crazy busy! I work in a 5 star hotel so there are always A LOT of guests to deal with. I usually get a daily morning brief from my manager (sometimes). Most of the time it’s so busy I just have to skip the brief and get straight out to the desk to assist. There’s NO CHILL at my work.

10am – 5pm – My day has no schedule or routine, everyday is different where I work. It’s something that makes me a little anxious (being such a organised and structured person). There are always curve balls thrown at me and my colleagues all day everyday. We all feel the pressure but somehow manage to get everything done. 

6pm – If I don’t have any plans, it’s time to wrap things up at work and get organised to go home. Most nights I have dinner plans with friends, however, on the occasion that I  don’t, I’ll have dinner at home. I usually cook pasta, you CANNOT go wrong with pasta for dinner. I’m always looking for new recipes to try, however they usually end up and huge fail. I love cooking but hate cleaning up! If I’ve had a stressful day at work (which is most days) I’ll sometimes have a glass of wine in the bath! It relaxes me SO much!

7pm – After dinner and a little unwinding (usually with Netflix or a good book) I usually just get ready for bed. I am one of those people who gets into bed at 7 or 8pm then scrolls on their phone until 11:30. It’s a terrible habit I’m trying to break.

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat. 


An Effort To Be Happier!

The key to being happier starts by being good to yourself. Sounds pretty self-evident right? But too often we skip this very crucial step. I myself skip it many a time! I often try to make myself happy by chasing ever-higher goals or holding myself to ever-greater standards of perfection (as seen on Instagram lol).

I go about my life day to day and I noticed that there was once crucial thing missing … and it was indeed happiness. I have been so caught up in my working schedule and other petty things like housework and catching up on Netflix TV shows that I totally forgot to be happy. I was in zombie mode that’s for sure, I was sad, and just content really … I needed a push to get me back on track to happiness.

I’ve read that the happiest people go out of their way to treat themselves right and they do something nice for themselves each day. They set appropriate boundaries and take care of themselves by saying no to things when they need to. This is something I have been trying to do lately and it has really turned things around for me. I indulge in a nice bath and glass of wine once a week now as nice way to unwind after a stressful shift at work. On my days off, I try to something fun and spontaneous as a way to forget about whatever may be stressing me out at the current moment in time. I buy myself nice things as a reward for my hard work. I continue to design and study marketing to help get me closer to my dream of having a clothing line. Keeping this commitment will motivate me to take better care of myself and go after my dreams. It’s worth a shot anyway right?

I challenge everyone this coming month to do something for yourself each day big or small to remind you on a daily basis to treat yourself with the loving kindness you deserve! Don’t get too caught up in the day to day routine! Take time to stop and breathe, prioritise your health and listen to yourself. Be spontaneous! Go to the beach. Go have a nice coffee. Have some retail therapy. Get creative!